Friday, June 7, 2013

My West Coast Shopping Experience

West coast is not just about Disney Land, Universal Studio, Las Vegas & Grand Canyon, it's about shopping too!! =D

I am having a serious financial issue now, after the shopping spree but yet, I'm feeling so satisfied and so not enough.. Hohoho..

Seriously, I didn't purchase much in compared to my sis!

Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

Can you spot the black stripe over there? Love it the most! - CK pattern-printed scarf

Armani Exchange

A|X Collar & V tees.. P/S: Why am I buying so little? XP
 Hard Rock

Hard Rock San Francisco, Las Vegas & Hollywood

Excited cause I've finally collected three more Tees from three difference places... *Collection expanded* X)

Abercrombie and Fitch

'Fierce' Parfum from A&F
Attracted by the aroma surged 10 foots away from the shop. Charming and fascinating, instantly bought one once knew that it is 'Fierce'.. 

Besides, I've managed to snap pics with one of the Hot models there.. Unfortunately those pics are yet to be transferred to my lappy... *Wait and See cause he is really hot!* XDDDD


Purses and Bags.. Seriously I want more but couldn't spot any others that are appealing
Shopping is one of the fun part throughout the trip, and I swear I WILL BE BACK again, and by then, I won't easily let myself step out from each shop until I splurge enough! Hohoho...


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