Friday, June 7, 2013

My West Coast Shopping Experience

West coast is not just about Disney Land, Universal Studio, Las Vegas & Grand Canyon, it's about shopping too!! =D

I am having a serious financial issue now, after the shopping spree but yet, I'm feeling so satisfied and so not enough.. Hohoho..

Seriously, I didn't purchase much in compared to my sis!

Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

Can you spot the black stripe over there? Love it the most! - CK pattern-printed scarf

Armani Exchange

A|X Collar & V tees.. P/S: Why am I buying so little? XP
 Hard Rock

Hard Rock San Francisco, Las Vegas & Hollywood

Excited cause I've finally collected three more Tees from three difference places... *Collection expanded* X)

Abercrombie and Fitch

'Fierce' Parfum from A&F
Attracted by the aroma surged 10 foots away from the shop. Charming and fascinating, instantly bought one once knew that it is 'Fierce'.. 

Besides, I've managed to snap pics with one of the Hot models there.. Unfortunately those pics are yet to be transferred to my lappy... *Wait and See cause he is really hot!* XDDDD


Purses and Bags.. Seriously I want more but couldn't spot any others that are appealing
Shopping is one of the fun part throughout the trip, and I swear I WILL BE BACK again, and by then, I won't easily let myself step out from each shop until I splurge enough! Hohoho...


Monday, May 27, 2013

Day #2 & 3: San Francisco - Fresno

Spent my second day in San Francisco.

Morning after breakfast, we went to see the famous 8 hairpin turn @ Lombard Street.. And when I say walk, it was more likely a morning workout - the walkway has about almost 30-40 degree of slope inclining, and we're like dying going up.. >.<

This, is just the beginning... >.<

Nice view though

And this is it! The sharp turns!  

Forgive me photo shooting skill, this is the best angle I could get... XD

Damn scare falling down while taking this!!!!

Next we went to visit the signature of SF -- Golden Gate Bridge..

However, the god damn fog was too thick and we could only be able to see it during the ferry tour @ Bay 39.




From Wiki:

'The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the opening of the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean. As part of both U.S. Route 101 and California State Route 1, the structure links the city of San Francisco, on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, to Marin County. It is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco, California, and the United States. It has been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The Frommers travel guide considers the Golden Gate Bridge "possibly the most beautiful, certainly the most photographed, bridge in the world".'

The weather was 17 degree Celsius, which supposed to be chilling and just nice. But wind was too strong especially when we were near to the ocean, at the pier. I WAS NEARLY FROZEN TO DEATH!!! >.<

Freaking COLD!

See even my face turned red.. =( 

Our lunch was taken at Bubba Gump in Bay 39. As an international chain, I would say that it has a certain QC in its food and service served. I rate it 4 stars because 1. Servants there are so cheerful and cool 2. Food served fast even its crowded 3. I LOVE shrimp!!!! =D


Five options of main course for us to choose. Lovely tour guide!!

Crispy and crunchy with juice!! 

We visited Palace of Fine Art, and SF City Hall as well. But as I said, it was windy and cold and so, I wasn't able to take any nice pic/ pose nicely in front of the camera.. X(

I suppose that night life in SF is fun and happening, yet I wasn't able to experience my own due to the assignment that I have to rush... Spent my whole night in hotel facing in front of my lappy... I sincerely hope I could finish it before the trip to Vegas........ 

Vegas.. Vegas... !!! Woohoo! =P

DAY 3#

Day 3 was more likely a food tour.. We eat, sleep (in bus), continued to eat, and sleep AGAIN!

Breakfast was taken in China Town, SF before departed to Monterey. To be honest, I think restaurant in China Town need to kinda improve their food. They claim that their food (Dim Sum) was originally from their country (mostly HK and China main land), yet the taste is seriously below 2 stars of quality... Didn't mean to criticize, just telling the truth! =P

Lunch was taken in Old Fisherman Grotto, Monterey Bay, and this made a huge contrast in compared with the breakfast we had!

Appetizers: Fried squid with butter & bread

Clam Chowder! Gourmet award winner!!! 

GIANT Lobster! 

My head is small comparing with IT! XP

I would say that this is the best! Caramel yogurt with raspberry! 

In conclusion: Chinese food in US - Not nice; Western food in US - So far satisfied! =D

Then I've tried my first ever Starbucks in US!

Hot Chocolate and ME!

Taste is a bit different with Malaysia's, so as the portion where it's just 70% full.

We then went to see the Pebble Tree & Bird Rock @ Pebble Beach.

Guess: What makes the rock white in color? XD
After that was a long journey of sleeping in bus. 4 hours and finally we're here in Fresno. 

Dinner was America-style Buffet: EVERYTHING IS SOOO FATTENING! 





And FAT!
After this, intensive workout is necessary.. >.<

Tomorrow will be shopping @ clothing outlets, pray hard that my wallet won't 'bleed' too much.... XPP

Have a great night to me and a wonderful afternoon to my Mal Friends yo~!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

From Malaysia, to San Francisco

Finally, the day has come. US California I am coming~! Woohoo~!!

Although assignments are choking me up, as I am having my freelancing deadline chasing deadly, still I chose to go.. Once in a life time with family, in California!

All set and packed, and I'm ready to go!! =D

Basically my first day of the trip was travelling from country to country, most of the time stayed in plane.
Malaysia --> Singapore (Transit) --> Hong Kong (Transit) --> San Francisco 

Spent an hour from KLIA to Sg Changi Airport; approximately 3 hours to HK Inr. Airport, and finally 12 hours to US.

Lunch @ Burger King, Singapore

BBQ Turkey Bacon & Tendergrill Chicken, Nom nom~

Photo with M & M~~ And their favorite Durian~ 

Overall I think that SG Airline is great. Services and food provided are good. 5 meals are provided throughout the whole flight where qualities of food are 4 stars rated -- (Rated by Dex, the busybody.. XDD)

White wine is great!

Seriously, I can't finish them all... >.< 
Not to mention the provided entertainment, seats are comfy-ly set and cozy, which hypnotized me for don't know how many hours.. XD

Doing my assignment while watching Warm Bodies~

Tired while waiting to transit...

From day to night, night then to day.. Finally we've reached!!!

Clouds are clouds.. Doesn't look any diff..

We landed at 8.30PM where it supposed to be 10am + in Malaysia, Jet lag? Nah.. I can eat/ sleep, depends on which I want.. Hohoho...

Its 12am (Sunday) now, we've checked in the hotel @ Holiday Inn, and waiting pizza delivery... XDDD

Hopefully tomorrow will be a great great day!!! X)

Miss me yo~! Hohoho...


Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Story in My Dream #2 -- 22/04/2013

Hanging out with peers is joyful moment where we used to enjoy very much. However, things got bit different this time.

We were out in the wood, in place that we had never been exposed to. The surrounding was like the movie 'cabin in the wood' -- we were lost in there and struggled to find the way out. (Gosh I didn't even watch that movie)

Straying like scavengers, our backpacks were lightened, from gravid to flat, as our food and water were running out.

Panic with desperations, we barely talk to each other. Instead, everything had shown on our hopeless expression.

Just when we were going to give in to the cruelty, we found the light of hope, which saved us from the verge.

We found an abandon house few miles in front of us. We had finally alleviated from the death of hope.

Wood made but had rotten like a dead meat, the house was humid and warm.

Simply settle down ourselves at the upper floor, we knew that we had to move on-- to find food and water, and if course the way out to back the embrace of technologies and modernity.

We left our bags in the house and moved. (Why left the only asset in place without anyone watching? =.=)

After a few miles away from the house, we heard mumblings and branches cracking sounds, probably caused by footstep. Moonlight pierced through trees and leaves, which enabled us to peek from our place.

Few natives went into the house, guessed that they had already noticed our existence there due to the obvious trace we left. (Our bags!)

With all the tools and gadget that could get us the way back to the city, we had no choice but to return to the house, to get them back.

Natives were patrolling, like the hefty prison guard, watching over their birds in cage. We found no loops to get in, until one of them came out from the inside, started to give order to the watchers, then left with the rest.

Everything then came too easy. We got back into the house, grabbed our backpacks and left. (Its time to wake)

I am so sorry but this story has no ending. Will or will not we successfully escape the place? I'm curious to know about that too. Hopefully someday I can continue this adventure in my another dream, with fluent flow and unexpected plot. Of course, exciting.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Story in My Dream #1 -- 12/04/2013

In world that had experienced the unknown number of centuries, nothing seems different. However, war, technologies have shaped human in a different way of living. Nationalities has no longer a boundary where people are living together regardless of their ethnicity or skin color.

In that era, I recalled, everything is controlled by their government forces where people are structured, bounded and locked with their daily lives.

All of these (my dream) are fragmented.

Everything then came to a blur, guess was because of my over cooling temperature in my room that interrupted my sleep.

After awhile, my head had returned consciously clear due to the adrenaline rose. I was being chased by a few 'authorities', a.k.a known also as the polices in our time. The scenario wasn't that clear, like a globe of dust that blocked my sight where what I managed to recalled was the beauty of the dark. The sky is covered with millions of stars, glittering like the lost golden robe of the king, shining with no mercy. The ambiance is serene with unspoken calmness that i could stay and stare with the rest of my life. I've finally got enamored with that piece of art. However, hormone that affected my brain didn't allow to do that. I had no time to stay , but to run. 

Though, I had totally no idea why they were chasing after me. (What a wacky dream)

Blocks by blocks, streets by streets, I've finally came to a soho where people reside. Their 'houses' are classy but packed -- to me it's more likely a small size room in the budget hotel. The shouting from the authorities had stunned everyone there, where their belligerence voices are so threatening which caused me in panic. 

People there are told by the authorities to go back to their own places, this was when the chaos happened. I couldn't think of what to do next, just to escape like everyone else. Taking the escalator to the top level, my heart beats like no one does, like a malfunction machine, overpower and not know to stop.

Heck, I've turned to an dead end. The last room was the utility room. I had no other way but to hide inside. Few minutes past, I was yet figured my next plan, the sound of foot steps appeared in my ears, from far getting nearer. 

All came too fast that I had no time to be fear, the door opened and I saw a lady. She was probably one of the cleaners in the building.

At the same time, I heard one guy talking, so loud as just like next to met. He came out from his room, looked at me like I'm the alien from Mars. Three of us were stoned, gazing each others.

He knew I wasn't one of them, as in people who lives in the 'world', but he was kind enough to save me from the nightmare. 'Oh, so you have no place to stay tonight?'

'You can come and stay in my house', I surprised. His Japanese-like English slang was soft, gentle and welcoming.

I was amazed with his offer, though I had no idea who he was.

It was a long night.

The next day, we drove to the town and I had generously paid one of the toll in the highway. Their paying system was unique where people did not pay on the spot, but to keep the receipt and pay only during the month end. (things were getting weird and random)

It was totally fine for me to pay a 0.24 cents of toll where as I recalled, my wallet was with me. We finally came to a cafe, where he then introduced me a few of his friends and we started to chit-chat. (What the heck?) Before I started to spill my story out, I so happened to take out the toll receipt and asked if the currency used was in Ringgit, and they laughed.

'It is in US currency and if you want to convert to Ringgit, it has to be around RM 24,000,000.'


She (one of them) knew that I wasn't affordable to pay for that, she then offered me to work in her company, and I accepted, (Gosh I don't even know her name!)

And yea, I woke up after that..

This, is the first dream that I've ever remembered that much after waking up and how good if I could continue to see what'd happen next?

Blogging your dreams might seem bit weird, but it is fun to know what you've dreamt and I believe that I'll be amazed when I read em back after 10 years.. Hohoho...