Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Melbourne Trip # 1 - Like a college student

The last 5-6 days before my sem starts, a trip to Australia- Melbourne is just so great for me. =DDD

I look just like a student! Awww~ 

The air is So fresh, the sky is So blue, the grass is So green, just Me look So... Me... ~.~

Now everyone can FLY!!!!

Thousand miles away, yet it looks the same =)

Finally reached luuu~
The trip was not alone: Me, Sis #2, Sis #1 + Bf, Bro #2 + Wife and wife's Sis #3

And first day schedule: Airport --> Royal Exhibition Building -->  St. Patricks Catheral --> Fitzroy Garden --> Queen Victoria Market --> Shrine of Remembrance --> Hotel (Rydges)

Royal Exhibition Building is a place where Australian bla bla bla.... (Forgot what the tour guide said!!!) XDDDD

It looks grand anyway.

Man power RAWR!!!

Oh ya! It's now to use for student's examination!

Birdie looks lazie...

Next was St. Patricks Cathedral, it is the largest/ earliest establish cathedral in Melbourne/ Australia (Sorry I really forgot everything!!!) Hehehe...

It looks bit senget/ oblique/ 'wai'.. My shooting prob? 
Capture cause I like it! =D

I can feel the holy-ness + my big chest ~.~

"CHeese!" with Dxmn finger

OMG I seriously like this especially the darkness
Next was the Fitzroy Garden, where people LOVE to organize their wedding party/ photo shooting there.

And personally, I LOVE the sunlight and the green-ness of it!!!

FAIRIES treeeeee!!! Which I didn't visit... XDDD

You see the sunlight!!!! 
And the guy behind me!!!
Pictures taken are less there, Don't know why... The place is so nice, Don't know why... ~.~ X30000

BUT BUT BUT!!! I took a couple of candid!!! XDDDDD

Hmm... She is cute... Real cute... 

And the true cutie!!! Arghhh *geram*

And the Queen Vitoria Market, goods and food available and we bought our souvenirs there! (Not meat and vegi) XD

Sansara - A term or brand?

Mari mari~ Buah-buahan Mari~ 

Can you spot it/her? XDDD

Fruit and Vegi!

I love this!!! But didn't manage to get my zodiac ='(

Souvenir shops~

And the Shrine of Remembrance is a Memorial place for Soldiers and bla bla bla... Something about the war and.. Soldiers... XDDD And still, I like the sunlight there!

It is just taken from my IPHONE! Nice X500000

Someone is taking my focus point!

Again the sengek ME!
Can you read what it states? I CAN'T! 

And before dinner, we checked in to the 4.5 Stars Hotel - Rydges Melbourne

Just located opposite China town

Hotel lobby...... *warm*

And the prettie receptionist with Sis

Hotel with basic facilities..

And the day ended with two Hydrating Facial Mask! =D

The day was so tiring with jet lag and whole day activities...
It was just 9pm and I slept like pig till tomorrow 7am!! XDDD


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