Friday, April 12, 2013

Common food with different experience: A trip with Uni friends

After almost 35 minutes stuck in the burning black desert, in our oven-like cabin, we were nearly suffocated, dizzy with our heads spinning round and round. However, everything had then paid off greatly when we saw a huge plank that printed with eye-catching words coming nearer and finally just few steps away from us. We've reached our destination. It was like the ultimate goal that we had been battling for year and had finally achieved.

The sky was just like an innocent 5-year-old child who full with curiosity, tried to test our determinations to the final step of our destination. From light to heavy, drizzling to pouring, all happened within just a few blinks of eyes. Millions water drops hit the earth, like a grand performance from a jazz drummer. We were yet to get down from the black steel box, frustrated and struggling of how to strike for our final moves to the location.

Six of us, few had finally chosen to accept their fate of life, exposing under the embrace of the sky; others, like me, chose to utilize the great invention, which is to hide under the big yellow mushroom in order to avoid the cruel hit of the water drops. We thought everything had solved and we could finally enjoy the reward given for our hard works, but truth showed the other.

There was hundred of same creatures like us, stuffed at the entrance of the paradise, waiting the gate of satisfaction to be opened. The walk way was packed where we barely able to keep our feet in. Pending and wandering like tiny elves, our heads tilted up from time to time, to check out if the time has come for us to redeem our reward with the exchange of the green, red and yellow magic notes.

A few guardians in green then came out from the inside, welcomed us with their angelic smile and gestures, gentle but full with dark agendas.

It is a big white box, setup with a moderate number of chairs and tables. The air inside was unexpectedly pungent with oily fumes and smoke. I believed that it was because of the grilling and sizzling of the gross patties that took place in the kitchen. Our souls are polluted with that unpleasant smell, lingered on every thread of our clothes and strand of hair. That would be the last chance I gave for it.

Another 20 minutes of waiting and ordering, we finally found ourselves a comfort place to settle down. In front of us were a set of common combination of wheat, potatoes and chicken. The appearance of it made no difference with others, yet we still gave it a try.

It was unimaginably satisfying and fulfilling. Every of the three layers was a surprise. It had a chewy taste texture, with complex juices that burst from the inside out. With the stuff of rich cheese and healthy vege, every bite was full with excitement without any greasy feeling that would discomfort our stomachs.

Despite the killing fumes surrounding the air and the crowded space which limited our movements, joy and fun were still boosted tremendously with the ambiance inside and peers that walking with you through the journey. You would find uncountable laughter and be able to experience the diverse cultures that practice in this place, but sure, with your colorful magic notes.

Indeed, it was a paradise.

*Happy Hang Out with Friends!*

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