Sunday, May 26, 2013

From Malaysia, to San Francisco

Finally, the day has come. US California I am coming~! Woohoo~!!

Although assignments are choking me up, as I am having my freelancing deadline chasing deadly, still I chose to go.. Once in a life time with family, in California!

All set and packed, and I'm ready to go!! =D

Basically my first day of the trip was travelling from country to country, most of the time stayed in plane.
Malaysia --> Singapore (Transit) --> Hong Kong (Transit) --> San Francisco 

Spent an hour from KLIA to Sg Changi Airport; approximately 3 hours to HK Inr. Airport, and finally 12 hours to US.

Lunch @ Burger King, Singapore

BBQ Turkey Bacon & Tendergrill Chicken, Nom nom~

Photo with M & M~~ And their favorite Durian~ 

Overall I think that SG Airline is great. Services and food provided are good. 5 meals are provided throughout the whole flight where qualities of food are 4 stars rated -- (Rated by Dex, the busybody.. XDD)

White wine is great!

Seriously, I can't finish them all... >.< 
Not to mention the provided entertainment, seats are comfy-ly set and cozy, which hypnotized me for don't know how many hours.. XD

Doing my assignment while watching Warm Bodies~

Tired while waiting to transit...

From day to night, night then to day.. Finally we've reached!!!

Clouds are clouds.. Doesn't look any diff..

We landed at 8.30PM where it supposed to be 10am + in Malaysia, Jet lag? Nah.. I can eat/ sleep, depends on which I want.. Hohoho...

Its 12am (Sunday) now, we've checked in the hotel @ Holiday Inn, and waiting pizza delivery... XDDD

Hopefully tomorrow will be a great great day!!! X)

Miss me yo~! Hohoho...


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