Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Story in My Dream #2 -- 22/04/2013

Hanging out with peers is joyful moment where we used to enjoy very much. However, things got bit different this time.

We were out in the wood, in place that we had never been exposed to. The surrounding was like the movie 'cabin in the wood' -- we were lost in there and struggled to find the way out. (Gosh I didn't even watch that movie)

Straying like scavengers, our backpacks were lightened, from gravid to flat, as our food and water were running out.

Panic with desperations, we barely talk to each other. Instead, everything had shown on our hopeless expression.

Just when we were going to give in to the cruelty, we found the light of hope, which saved us from the verge.

We found an abandon house few miles in front of us. We had finally alleviated from the death of hope.

Wood made but had rotten like a dead meat, the house was humid and warm.

Simply settle down ourselves at the upper floor, we knew that we had to move on-- to find food and water, and if course the way out to back the embrace of technologies and modernity.

We left our bags in the house and moved. (Why left the only asset in place without anyone watching? =.=)

After a few miles away from the house, we heard mumblings and branches cracking sounds, probably caused by footstep. Moonlight pierced through trees and leaves, which enabled us to peek from our place.

Few natives went into the house, guessed that they had already noticed our existence there due to the obvious trace we left. (Our bags!)

With all the tools and gadget that could get us the way back to the city, we had no choice but to return to the house, to get them back.

Natives were patrolling, like the hefty prison guard, watching over their birds in cage. We found no loops to get in, until one of them came out from the inside, started to give order to the watchers, then left with the rest.

Everything then came too easy. We got back into the house, grabbed our backpacks and left. (Its time to wake)

I am so sorry but this story has no ending. Will or will not we successfully escape the place? I'm curious to know about that too. Hopefully someday I can continue this adventure in my another dream, with fluent flow and unexpected plot. Of course, exciting.

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