Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Story in My Dream #1 -- 12/04/2013

In world that had experienced the unknown number of centuries, nothing seems different. However, war, technologies have shaped human in a different way of living. Nationalities has no longer a boundary where people are living together regardless of their ethnicity or skin color.

In that era, I recalled, everything is controlled by their government forces where people are structured, bounded and locked with their daily lives.

All of these (my dream) are fragmented.

Everything then came to a blur, guess was because of my over cooling temperature in my room that interrupted my sleep.

After awhile, my head had returned consciously clear due to the adrenaline rose. I was being chased by a few 'authorities', a.k.a known also as the polices in our time. The scenario wasn't that clear, like a globe of dust that blocked my sight where what I managed to recalled was the beauty of the dark. The sky is covered with millions of stars, glittering like the lost golden robe of the king, shining with no mercy. The ambiance is serene with unspoken calmness that i could stay and stare with the rest of my life. I've finally got enamored with that piece of art. However, hormone that affected my brain didn't allow to do that. I had no time to stay , but to run. 

Though, I had totally no idea why they were chasing after me. (What a wacky dream)

Blocks by blocks, streets by streets, I've finally came to a soho where people reside. Their 'houses' are classy but packed -- to me it's more likely a small size room in the budget hotel. The shouting from the authorities had stunned everyone there, where their belligerence voices are so threatening which caused me in panic. 

People there are told by the authorities to go back to their own places, this was when the chaos happened. I couldn't think of what to do next, just to escape like everyone else. Taking the escalator to the top level, my heart beats like no one does, like a malfunction machine, overpower and not know to stop.

Heck, I've turned to an dead end. The last room was the utility room. I had no other way but to hide inside. Few minutes past, I was yet figured my next plan, the sound of foot steps appeared in my ears, from far getting nearer. 

All came too fast that I had no time to be fear, the door opened and I saw a lady. She was probably one of the cleaners in the building.

At the same time, I heard one guy talking, so loud as just like next to met. He came out from his room, looked at me like I'm the alien from Mars. Three of us were stoned, gazing each others.

He knew I wasn't one of them, as in people who lives in the 'world', but he was kind enough to save me from the nightmare. 'Oh, so you have no place to stay tonight?'

'You can come and stay in my house', I surprised. His Japanese-like English slang was soft, gentle and welcoming.

I was amazed with his offer, though I had no idea who he was.

It was a long night.

The next day, we drove to the town and I had generously paid one of the toll in the highway. Their paying system was unique where people did not pay on the spot, but to keep the receipt and pay only during the month end. (things were getting weird and random)

It was totally fine for me to pay a 0.24 cents of toll where as I recalled, my wallet was with me. We finally came to a cafe, where he then introduced me a few of his friends and we started to chit-chat. (What the heck?) Before I started to spill my story out, I so happened to take out the toll receipt and asked if the currency used was in Ringgit, and they laughed.

'It is in US currency and if you want to convert to Ringgit, it has to be around RM 24,000,000.'


She (one of them) knew that I wasn't affordable to pay for that, she then offered me to work in her company, and I accepted, (Gosh I don't even know her name!)

And yea, I woke up after that..

This, is the first dream that I've ever remembered that much after waking up and how good if I could continue to see what'd happen next?

Blogging your dreams might seem bit weird, but it is fun to know what you've dreamt and I believe that I'll be amazed when I read em back after 10 years.. Hohoho...

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