Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Word Hard, But Play Harder!

To all my peers, I know that its stressful for these few weeks before the mid-sem break, but Rome wasn't build in a day too.. (Hopefully I didn't quote the wrong one) XDDD

So so so so.... We need to somehow let our silky hair down in order for us to go further! And a movie will do great! And therefore.. And ahh... Yea... MOVIE!!! =DDDD

Going 1U with my one sided fat + swollen face

And while waiting the movie showtime, DA hungry me needed something to stuck in my stomach.. =D

Can guess where was I eating??

*stupid question asking Me*

*Another Question TIME!!!!!*

Can tell that Which Dexalicious looks nicer?????????

The original Me...


The Spec ME?!!

I do need your opinion cause still deciding my next Dexa-image... Hehe... >.<

The movie I watched was Wrath of The Titan. 
And to be honest.. I think that it has less impact, at least on me..

Maybe it is just too wrath throughout the movie? XDDD I don't know... 

But for those who like Gods and Titans, you can still go for it... However, if to compare, I would prefer the Clash of Titan and The Lightning Thief.

Have you felt the wrath??

Sam Worthington, a totally different style from what He acted in Avatar:

And was planned to go Zouk @ Serpang but at last I didn't make it.
Good boy Me huh??! Hehehe... Anyway, will do the next time.. XDD

*smile + don't be too stress*

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