Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On-location Audio Recording

It's Wednesday/ 'xing qi san'/ 'xing kei sam'~!!! What it means?
It means that my deal date for my assignmentS have became nearer!!! Arghhhh!!! >.<

And so, it's time to start work on. And first, I CHOOSE You! --- Music Sound Studio Assignment 1

To do this assignment, I have to:
1. Generate a Storyline (Where the entire synopsis is just for audio recording, 100% without visual support)

2. Draw the production schedule (Where I need to state down where when and how I get all my audio clip matching the storyline -- Foley + On-location recording)

3. Editing (Where I need to edit and... EDIT!) =D

4. Print Screen of my Process as a proof.

And so, today after class + after workout, + after finished No.1 task, I start my on location record!

My New Partner and ME

I need a Ambulance Siren clip, so, I went to Gleneagle Hospital @ Jln Ampang and hoping they will allow me to record!

Here I come!!!

And I have to say that, I felt bit creepy while walking in... >.< 
But for assignment Sake, I have to lock my guts and keep going.. =(

I felt so scare to knock the door!!!! ><
And super duper unfortunately.. They rejected my request to open the siren for my to record.. =((((((

The Ambulance just there!!! 
They claimed that letter is needed from my Divisional Office and because I DON'T HAVE! So I just can run away... =(((((((((((((((((((((

But.. BUT!!! The nurse/ guy/ staff there is just so kind that he told me that just a walking distance then I could reach the "Bulan Sabit" base to request for it since ... Hmm... Ok I am not suppose to reveal the reason... Hehe.. =P

Walked about 5min and finally made it

And the people there are kind as well and they just let me waited for.... 30 sec after I requested and open it for me to record!!!!! Yay!! Hooray!! Yahoo!! Hotmail!!! Gmail!!! =DDD

Again, people there are nice!!

See MY GRIN! hehehehe

After all, I still... Just recorded ONE audio piece of the WHOLE assignment... $#%@ 
Hope I won't late for the submission for the assignmentS... 

Yet.. *smile*

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