Monday, April 16, 2012

Ipoh-Penang trip with Uni Friends

Mid sem break~ Mid sem break~ Hooray~~~~~

For those who have no holiday, please don't beat/ punch/ munch me for posting this.. XDDD

And for those who have (mainly my batch-matie), have you planned for your holiday?

Just right on the last day, last class ended, Me and friends were then start our 3 days plan by hoping in to friend's car!!!

Trip- mates and Me

Let's go!
The trip flows: Kuala Lumpur --> Ipoh --> Penang --> Ipoh --> Kuala Lumpur =(

Lets go! with Little Myvi by Friend Qisha~!!
I real didn't exceed the speed limit kay~ XD

The first stop was @ Ipoh where by the time we reached its already 8~9pm.
And our dinner taken @ a Japanese restaurant:

And this is the SALMON that I were forced to taste!!!

Due to the HUNGER that we had, I... forgot to take the rest of the deli-food pics... Opps~ >.<

After that, we checked in to the Hotel... Ahhh nonono... Is My Friend's house!!!!

Don't blame me cause I'm really CONFUSED! =D

What a nice house to stay!!! *Especially after a 2.5 hours drive ><

We were really tired, so the REAL fun just came on the next day!

Nice/ 'zeng' Balcony view

There are two things that I think that everyone should do when come Ipoh:
1. Eat
2. Eat!

But the difference is, first you have to try the Ipoh DimSum where second must-try food is The Ipoh Nga Choi Gai (Chicken rice)

And I am glad that I've tried the chicken rice last time when passed by Ipoh (Which I felt.. Okok only.. Hehe).. And I am more glad that this time, I can try the dim sum!!

There are two nice Dim Sum restaurant in Ipoh:

This is the one we went

Cause Friend in Ipoh told us that it is better in taste and the other  is bit pricely + not that tasty in compared..

Where this is the other next to it

The Dim Sum there was real AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Different pattern of arrangement with KL's 

And Kl's doesn't serve eggs these!

Guess what's this?

It's 'Lao sa pao' where in white color!
True from heart, the dim sum in Ipoh is really delicious/ tasty/ 'hou sek'/ 'hoo jiak'!!!

Friend ST and Fatty Me 01

Act-slim ST and Still-fatty Me

Big eye ST and Small eye Me ~.~

Friend Qisha and Me
After Breakfast we then went to Penang luuu~

1.5 hours trip~~
We looked happy, or Tired?? XDD

Friend Crystal and Me

Friend Berk and Me

Overall for the trip is just about eating and eating and eating... We stopped by Gurney plaza , Eat and Eat!
And the always hungry Me wasn't able to capture all the pictures..

Super Duper Tasty Asam Laksa!!

The OkOk only popiah.. =X

The clinic themed Restaurant @ 4th floor Gurney plaza

The Med drink~ (carrot)

And the syringe Tomato sauce for Fries~

And after all the eating, we went back to Ipoh to EAT AGAIN! for supper...
And the next day, before we back to KL, Guess what? A delightful fancy dancy nancy breakfast prepared by Friend Qisha's mum:

Fruits, Tuna, Sandwich, Noodle, Vege, Tea, Juice, Coffee, Milo, Yogurt, Eggs, Beans 

I felt sad, CAUSE I gained lots of weight because of the trip!
I felt sad, CAUSE the days were just short for us to have fun!
I felt sad, CAUSE the next trip is still unknown! =(

The first trip with Uni friends, and it was fun! I am looking for more and more in the future.. ^.^


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