Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Worked, I Laughed; Heart Died and I Quit

Year 2011, September, I joined to work. Started my part time job as a receptionist + sales consultant.

It is just a small firm and everything just in small structure.
We have total 5 staffs at that time: Me, Friend Crystal, Friend Yumi and two other colleague (part timer too) from China.

Management? Just an accountant and a boss. And we don't even have any maid to clean our office at that time. You may then ask, who to be the cleaner to clean?!!! 

Yeah, WE did. But yet, we enjoyed. =)

However, just on the last week, 30th March 2012, I made my decision and sent this out to our HR Head:

And not just me, but the three of us. We quit!

And you may then ask again, why?

Well, Me and you will believe that every company will has its own office politic and so, to not to say anything BAD to someone, that I truly hate a lot. I skipped that part. (And to prevent any F words written here too.)

*P/S: Feel free to let me know too if you wanna know the fullllll/ loooonng/ 'yat pat bou gam cheong' story.. =D

To make it short, the company has expanded and to management as well. We worked as usual but had been boycotted. The manager who used to be kind and nice to us has changed to some cold blooded creature who don't even want to look at us like we've turned to MEDUSA! (*Medusa is a monster that whatever SHE glaze will be turned into stone =.=)

Too stress of the expansion? Or what? I don't know. But all I know is, there is no more humanity left in the company, so far, it's what I feel.

I still remember the first Annual dinner we had @ XXX hotel opposite The Pavilion (Forgot the hotel name! >.<) hehe..

People are just look the same and the smiles are so genuine like real from the heart.

And we had so so so much fun during that time we working:

The leng zai/ leng lui 3 of us
And guess what? WE KNOW YOGA TOO!!! XDD

We're YOUNG and CUTE

And just to clarify that: All the pics that snapped is @ the office but before our working time, we are good staffs ok? Hehe..

Friend Yumi and Me
The pay in the company is moderate, higher than RM5 per hour but hmmm... Lower that RM7. XDDDD 
But the environment is good as the job scopes are just easy tasks and we can learn to communicate better through the consultation. 

We ain't irresponsible, we ain't lazy, we quit because it's too unfair. 
It's too unfair that they've broke our hearts again and again.. ='(

Xmas theme for the center with guest Xuer

 The story is just too long and I know that you will not have the patient to read all if I state it all here.
But just to let you know that, we did put our heart there, but it's just turned too sharp and we can't let it hurt us anymore.

Silly US will be working together AGAIN!
I know how it works when in the working field, at least, I know it now.
Promised myself that I will grow through this and will try to be a better me especially when dealing with the Office Politic issue.



  1. Come back to Pusat Bandar Damansara!

    1. Definitely will!!! =(
      Waiting end of this year and hope Edmund will allow me to work for 3 months... hehe..