Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour 2012

First of semua, I have to apologize. Why? Because I feel shameful/ paiseh/ 'bu hao yi si' that I wasn't really know or participate in the Earth Hour event.. EVER! >.< Hehehe...

But not for TODAY! And I did it!!! *Yay + thumb up!* XDD
And the reason that I did is because of Pasta Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid.. (I was eating there during the event =P)

Soooo Romantic with DA floating lilin XD

At first, Friends and Me were shocked of why the restaurant switched off all the lights and only then we realized that it's Earth Hour.. Hehehe.. *Shame again* ><

The restaurant wasn't dark because of the outside lampu

And I like it so much, can see the Rose petals?

Still able to see the Menu and Me order this!

And just FYI, the chicken teriyaki bla bla bla set really nice to eat, Go and Try ya! =DDD

OMG I am hungry now even looking at it @ 3am!!

And the Fruit Tea

With the super heavy weight for me right now, I can tell Ya and I am able to have TWO sets at once for this combination!!! *Happy or Sad?* 

Fatty Me with same smile

And because of today's experience, I googled bout the Earth Hour after yam cha-ed with Friends @ 2.30am.. 

And again FYI, Earth Hour is a global event that for us, the people to switch off the unnecessary lights as the ultimate goal is to save our Mother/ Mama Earth.
The event normally will be held on the last Saturday, March annually.

There are more further info which I am bit/ little/ 'yi dian dian' lazy to type out and YOU can actually just google it like what I've done..  XDDD 

Anyway, although I didn't participate in this Event, or should say, I've passively participated.. =P
I am aware of this and will be switching off my room lights next time (When I am away to shower, TV, makan, and so and so and so and so and soooooo so..) as to try my best, TO SAVE MY WORLD!

Try your best and together, we can do it! *Epic grand music playing* XDDD


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