Thursday, March 15, 2012

A bizarre day in Uni and place

Wasn't thinking of updating my blog today since it has nothing special happened.. (If lunch with gang of batch mates counted as well.. ~.~)

But just when I was about to climb/crawl/'pa' up to my class, I saw something which was weird... >.<

The elevator level indicator...

Can't see it clearly? Scroll down

Wondering which "floor" it was.. *creepy*

HAHAHAHA! And it actually showed each floor in this "pattern" but I was just managed to capture this.. ><

The other thing which "weird" me a lot was during the way to my part time working place after class..

Was driving along the way on Kesas highway and realized that my car was ran out of petrol.. And very very fortunately/ or actually unfortunately, saw a petrol station which just suit my car's "appetite"... Haha!

Then was decided to go feed my car with RM70!

And bla bla bla, bla bla bla...

When I was just about to pump the food into my car, it stopped. =.=... Yeah, it stopped.

And when I looked at the meter, it was RM7!!! instead of RM70.. ... ... .. ... Nice job counter girl..

The only mistake that I made was I didn't take any picture to prove of the RM7 petrol thingy and when I went back to the counter to claim back my rest of the food, she took away my receipt and printed a RM63 one for me...

And as a PROFESSIONAL yet blogger, XD I ran back to the counter AGAIN and tended to take back the RM7 receipt, I kept standing there and wait and finally she gave me 3 copies of it!!! (yay~!!!)

And you know what? She actually gave me this:

Can't see it clearly AGAIN? Scroll down 
3 copies of RM63!!!!! 

Probability 1: I am noob till I pronounced "seventy" to "SEVEN" and "Give back receipt tadi itu boleh?" to "Give me a 3 copies of the receipt!"

Probability 2: I think she need a amplifier mic in front of the counter + speaker inside/ she need to drink BRANDS!!!! Yes Brands chicken essence/ Livita/ RedBull/ my mum-cook chinese herb soup! =D

Btw, I think it's better for me to not reveal the name of the petrol station since it's just an individual case that we shouldn't stereotyping the rest! *Proud of myself~~* XDDDDD Just go and figure yourself!/ pm me if you do wanna know.. HEHEHE...




  1. still have four hours only 12.00a.m. , maybe still have some weird thing coming to you...hahha...kdkd :)

    1. Oh gosh.. hopefully they are weird but POSITIVE things.. XD

  2. haha, i think you need to drink BRANDS too XD !!

    1. HAHAHA! WHY?!!!!
      I thought I need only birdnest?!! XDDDD