Monday, March 12, 2012

John Carter: A Romantic action film

Had my 5 hours break on Monday from 10am-3pm. To prevent getting rotten in campus, me and friends Crystal and SooTheng planned to go for a movie @ Sunway Pyramid.. =)

Recently have heard quite a number of comment on John Carter saying that it is a not bad movie that worth to watch. And it's true, the 2 hour movie did bring me some insights.. =)

12pm movie @ TGV, Pyramid

The film was directed by Andrew Stanton, an American film director and also producer. 
However, I'd like to give an applause to the actors and actress especially the main one which is Lynn Collins (Princess Dejah Thoris in movie) because she is absolute gorgeous at first, and her acting impressed me a lot the second.

She looks strong btw >.<

Besides, there is a part in the movie that almost/nearly/'cha yi dian' causing my eyes to rain.. 
Which is the part when she is going to marry the villain uncle so that her world (Mars) can be saved and she just let go of her love one (John Carter a.k.a Taylor Kitsch) back to Jasoom~~ (earth). She said that she is alone, where I did feel her loneliness and emptiness surging out from her eyes and the feeling just.. kills me..

Hmm.. Anywhere, nice one Princess and looking forward for your next epic production. =))

She is going to marry to the uncle... NOOOO!!! =(  

And and and... The main actor handsome John Carter isn't bad too... 
But I think the main reason that causing him to have his female and even male fans increase in number is because of his muscles and... MUSCLES!! XDD

I feel so cold when seeing his 'dress code'

*P/S: I think the total MINUTES of him wearing complete set of shirt is just around... 5 minutes?? XDDDD opps.. =P

He looks smashing with this look too

The reason why I would call this film a Romantic action movie is because I am truly impressed by the chemical reaction of love that result in Muscle John and Princess Dejah. The feeling might seem minor throughout the film but it brings me a huge impact that the power of love can't be neglected as it might looks unnecessary, for me, at least.. Hmm..

They found love in the ocean-less place

Well, it does provide action scenes too.. Which, I am okok with it ONLY... (And my friend claimed that she slept everytime they FIGHT!) HAHAHAHA!!

For those who have watched, feel free to give your comment if you think that you've anything to say. =D
For those who have not watch, feel free to grab a cinema ticket/download it online (don't if it's illegal) buy DVD from pasar malam (super illegal so don't) and watch it! XDD

*Enjoy and smile*

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