Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who's your Primary school mate?

It's 10PM on Sunday and when I was about to go for my bed, friend Miko called and asked me whether I still remember/ familiar with a name (which.. I still can't able remember now!! XDDD)

My secondary friend's working colleague is actually my primary school friend.. WTF?!! The world can be just as small as a sesame!!!!

And when I was trying hard to recall, friend called again and asked me to approve her facebook since she tagged me some PICTURES of US!! Gosh, pictures? First, I can't even remember that we snapped pic before and second, SHXT I am doomed!!!


And here's the pictures taken when we were young: (Special thanks to Evelyn for permission) =D

Yea.. Don't get confused, THIS IS MEEEEE!!! OMFG! And my friend, she looks just the same as now, just lack of the sense of child and replaced with gorgeous-ness! 

I look just like a dumb meat that bleached!!! 

And honestly, I truly forgot how I looked before looking to those pic... And should I feel happy and glad or sad for my past??? =((((

It's really shocking for me but yet, I am thrilled because I finally met back one of my primary school mate! =DDD
We must meet up someday and hopefully, she can able to recognize me... >.<

Here's the mashup pic of Me and ME:

Yes, this is ME! 

Which one nicer???? =DDD

*smile + pek cek*