Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday, Liquor day~

A way for me to "cure" my tiredness, depression, assignments, and bla bla bla throughout the whole week is??? Yea, to drink.. Yea, DRINK!! =DDD

Friend Miko ajak me on Thursday night where initially I was about to refuse but luckily, I didn't.. Hahaha~ *am not tipsy now XP*

Our original plan was to go The Beer Factory since my friend already booked for us.. (Well experienced he)
However, we were late and it's full like shxt!!! So, then, 'suo yi' was then changed to Seventeen Saloon. (Well liquor addicted us XDDD)

View from my seat. It was really not that pack! HAHA!! @17

And the menu, hmm... So.. so only.. HAHAAH!

Just when I was flipping the menu, my friend who mumbled/ talked/ argued/ keng sou with the waiter shouted and say: Chao!/ lets leave! *.* Guess that the offer there wasn't good enough..

Ironically, we decided to back to Beer factory and queued.

Queue and queue and friend Sam look pissed.. XD

And due to this reason, or not... We gave up AGAIN~ and chao!/ left!! ... ... ... Yea I know it is point-ful to be speechless.. =.=.....

So the final last ultimate location goes tooooooo..... *drum* --- pub Bola.... hahahaha!

@Bola watching bola. *Caption for friend of friend, Joseph =D

 Okay I know that you're blur/ mong cha cha now... Read the flow:

Beer Factory (Full) --> Seventeen Saloon (Don't know why) --> Beer Factory (Too full) --> Bola (No choice XDDD)

Two towers of Tigers, which had no effect on me (but not my face) ~.~...

*Before* with one eye big another small look
*After* with bloody Bloody look
And just to disclaim that: I was in a total sober state throughout the night ALTHOUGH I looked like I was not!! ><

Me and friend Yong

Me and friend Miko @dim sum shop after drinking

And surprisingly! Met my Uni friend Vivian while drinking.. Fated drink-mates!! XDDD

Me and thin-but-gorgeous Vivian

Okie just to let you all know that, drinking can be a way for you to let your hair down but, but but but please don't make it an addiction to you.. Stay healthy like me ok??? *Fxck myself for that* XDDD



  1. next time please bring me along ^^

  2. If you tell me earlier sure can get into Beer Factory lor since it was Guinness St Patrick's party lai de.

    I was at J&R's St Patrick's that day, but I can go that 1 too if you tell earlier. LOL

    1. Opps.. But what can say now? -- make it next time..