Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A sincere 'Thank You' to Jib gorgor

If you are a student, you should feel grateful.

If you are a student, you should feel glad.

Why? Because we have Jib Gor here! To send us the RM200 "book" vouchers for so called the "education purpose"!!! =DDD

4 vouchers, each RM50 yay

I know it is not something new for some of you but, SORRY CAUSE NOW ONLY I FREE TO USE IT!.. =D

Seriously/honestly/'lao shi shuo', I really felt so thankful to him (Jib) cause without the vouchers, I won't be think of buying the things I bought.. Or should say, I won't be able to afford to get them all AT ONCE! XDD

Happy shopping @ Popular book store

Busy-ing filling up my info 2 DA vouchers

And Ms. Cashier is busy-ing to escape from my camera

And yes, did buy lots and lots and lots of things! (Gadgets + stationery):

UHU glues and pen

1-4 USB ports


Smart pen for my Iphone!

New webcam hehe

TWO notebooks and stationery

Notebook cooling pad

And guess what? After all these I still able to use the left credit (RM1) to buy a bar of chewing gum!!! HAHAHAHA! <---- Smart/calculative consumer =P

So again, for those who used the vouchers but yet to show your appreciation, LETS SHOUT:

Thank you/ 'doh zeh' / 'xie xie'    JIB GOR!!!!!!! =D


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