Sunday, March 25, 2012

Have you met JJ 林俊杰?

Today's plan was to shop and survey the price of the condenser mic that I am planning to buy for my cover recording.

But when friend and ME reached the Low Yat plaza @ KL, we got this!!!

TWO VIP tickets to see JJ the singer!

Thanks this kind reception lady for the tickets!

Yeah, have totally no idea why they are giving out tickets.. FOR FREE!!! hahaha...

But you know what? WE DIDN'T GO FOR IT!!! (JJ fans, please don't KILL me!) XDDD
Yea, we didn't go for it cause I wasn't expect to have a chance to meet him and have dated my friends to go for movie... And.. Uh... Hmm... You know... JJ... Hmm.. I.. am just not very... into him.. Hehe (JJ fans please don't SLAUGHTER me!) XDDDD

And guess what?! The concert @ Low Yat suppose to start at 4pm and just when Friends and ME reached 1U for movie at 6.30pm, WE SAW HIM!!!

See the crowd?

And people are queuing to meet the handsome
And because of the fate that god arranged for us, WE decided to GO FOR IT! Errr, go meaning... Just go down and snap pic! XD

He is fair!

He is fit!

And he looks just like a good good boy

I think that he is just kind and punctual that he can travel two places from KL town to One Utama in such short time given and willing to sign till the last CD before he left.

The crowd at the beginning is epic but till the ending it seems just bit cold and unexpected.
JJ just wave and : "Bye bye" and then... He's gone.. And then.. Just ended... No screaming no cheering no crying and.. Nothing.. Haha...

The only screaming from fans which shocked me was when he did this with his smile
*P/S: Sorry for the super low/poor/bad/ "cha" quality of the pic.. My hands shivered!!! >.<

Anyway, hope that he can still produce more and more nice music just like the one that he duet with Ah Sa, the "little dimple" XDDD Yeah I know its an old song but so what?!! I LIKE IT!!  Hehehe...


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