Friday, March 16, 2012

Student, why u no eat Manhattan?!!!

It's Friday Friday, gotta try Manhattan day~~

Is this suite suit for 'fish'?

Manhattan currently having promotion where students, just STUDENT =D can have their meal by just RM9.90 with drinks for 50% discount!!! Oh My Gosh!! And so, as a ordinary uni student, I went for SURE laaaa~~ Hahaha...

It's really very super worth to eat MAN!
Soup of the day:

Where I don't like the onion inside..  Lots of onion!!!

Fish and Chips!!!:

The portion is bigger than this, sorry for the hunger!

And the dessert-- Mud pie!!:

Which at first I thought it is smthg gross with 'shxt' or what by the name of it.. MUD~ XD
And a glass of free flow ice lemon tea: (Picture)

And total up for threee of us, it was just RM50.45.. What to say? Cheap man~~~ (Compared to the normal price) XDD

And during the eating we kept on discussing our destination to eat for next week, e.g: Tony Romas (Like we are rich son and daughter of Datuk and Datin) 

It was overall a not bad meal for student as lunch or brunch.. And if you are GUTZ enough and YOUNG enough, do try and pretend that you are a student to enjoy the privilege.. XDDD

*P/S: Main course and soup are served with light portion (However I am full with the portion =) ) 

Me, friend Sootheng and Crystal in DA phone 

Irregular Me, friend Crystal and Sootheng in DA phone

In DA phone Me, friend Sootheng and Crystal

And what to do after having such a worthy/ reasonable/ "dai" meal as lunch? ... :

You know what I meant...


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