Friday, March 9, 2012

First Blood!!!!!

Hey yo!
Finally IT'S OUT!!! Spent for almost 4 hours to set up this new blog, such a failure for a blogger which has been blogging for... hmm... 3 years I guess? haha...

The reason to create this blog... First of so so so so all I need to thank two people.. Which is my MENTORs at Mindshare -- My internship company, Jan 2012!!!

I worked in social media team, which guided by two pretty-awesome pretty ladies, Nadia and Audrey!!! =D They are gorgeously nice, polite, kind, and bla bla bla... XDD
Learned a lot from them and throughout the whole program, and also, I've learnt the importance of  social media is not just for your career (*evil grin) but also for our social communication purposes..
When your work is social media related, and you don't BLOG OFTEN, TWIT AT ALL!!, you seriously have to do something to deal with it.. (Epic falied me >.<)

Me and Mentor Audrey, aka fourfeetnine

Me and Mentor Nadia, aka.. Nadia XDDDD

Okay, anyway.. Because of this, I'll forced to blog ALWAYS since I really not very into TWITTING.. XDD
Btw, can't really categorize the type of this blog myself.. It probably will just be a rojak/campur/zap ba lang blog for me to update everything I like... =DD