Thursday, March 22, 2012

Designity Art Exhibition @ KTAR

Yesterday went to friends' design exhibition, and the exhibition was actually a group academic assignment for Graphic design students to Re-brand, Re-packaging, and Re-advertising for particular brand that they've selected.
And what my friends chose was Hup Seng, the cream cracker.

Why I went to it and so support for this event? Bet you still remember my previous post, the "stupid, funny, humorous, numb, kinky, ugly, creepy, and bla bla bla.." me in the Hup Seng TVC.. Yea, I helped them to act in the TVC... And so, I have to go and witness how people laugh at it.. ='(  Hahaha...

They seriously made lots effort in the booth to promote the brand:

Brand new design of Hup Seng + ugly me on DA screen

And they made merchandises too: 

Nice cup, badges, sticker, brochure and basket, which is not for sale

Three pretty pretties group members

After all, which package do you prefer? =)

Besides for Hup Seng, the whole batch of graphic design students did wonderful jobs by creating booth and other props such as badges, stickers, flyers, and even DOLLS as their promote tactics to attract the AUDIENCES-- mainly the lecturers for marks... XDDDDD

Ipoh White Coffee Re-branding:

Looks like some candy package huh?

Absolute Obsession, have you heard for this brand ever?

Creative designed post card 

He is not shoes promoter ok?

Libresse, and I bet 99% of guys don't know about this brand:

Still have no idea? 

And if still no, please pm me XD

And the one I found very excellent:

It looks just the package that sell on market!!

Chinese somemore!! GOOD

OMG it makes me hungry!! So real

Spoon and fork merchandise, how lovely they are.

And Vitagen, which.. It looks just like Vitagen.. XDDD

And Pop soda Re-branding, Hip Pop!

Can you feel the youngster aura!!! 

Like I can spin the ground after drinking it

The Elite hair wax Re-branding:

Look like a product brand start from G, true? XD 

And they used muscleman in their TVC!

And it keeps showing NEXT to my TVC ><
Overall the ideas or Re-branding are great with its particular special packaging, TVC or merchandises but sorry that I am not able to capture all.. >.<

And finally, the ugliest TVC comes..... Ladies and gentlemen, Dex here shameful present to you, the Hup Seng cream cracker TVC:

*P/S: The blog is not responsible for the discomfort or any trauma that cause to the individual. XDDD 

If you still conscious and able to read this phrase after watching the video, I am here giving you my best appreciation and THANK YOU!!! cause you didn't vomit, faint, scream and cry! =D

And these are the pictures FROM the Delicious ME: 

Going to the exhibition luuu~

Friend Yong and ME

Friend Sam and ME

Friend Huey Chong and ME

Group and numb-look ME

ME and ME eating chili padi

We are Hup Seng lover! Are you?
*P/S: The content above displayed are originally for academic purpose where I didn't and won't violate any copyrights of brands for 100%!!!! Don't call the "Mata" pleaseee  =P



  1. hup seng's packaging so small eh....

    1. HAHA.. sorry yong, didn't able to capture a close up of yo Awesome HuP Seng packaging.. XD